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latest patch 15-May-2017:

unzip into an empty folder that you have write access to, and then copy all the files to where MusicBee is installed, replacing the existing MusicBee application files

This topic will be regularily updated with the latest fixes

changes since v3.0 Update 5:
- correct an introduced bug where the inbox count is incorrect

changes since v3.0 Update 4:
- when saving a single file, library auto-organise enabled, although the file was being auto-organised, if you try to edit the file straight away, the file in the main panel was still referencing the old file location
- various bug fixes

changes since v3.0 Update 3:
- fix wavebar seek when outputting to a UPNP device
- add back in support for localised artist biographies
- fix rename a podcast episode when renamed from the tag editor
- fix autosweep not applying the autosweep naming template if the library is auto-organised with no naming rule for the target drive
- fix music explorer not retrieving all matching files when filtering by Genre
- fix synching virtual files (single file split by cuesheet) when no format conversion is done
- when locking with full screen enabled/ unlocking MusicBee (from the view menu), the window should now size correctly on win10
- fix tag changes not being saved to file when you edit the tags of a playing track and then you rate the track while still playing
- when moving files to a new folder, the file permissions are now inherited from new parent folder
- fix high dpi scaling for the custom tags dialog
- upgrade the xbox music plugin to use the new groove api (note the old xbox plugin api will cease working after March 2017)
- include "always on top" option in the compact player header menu
- fix group by bug when the artwork panel is configured to show the selected tracks on the bottom of the main panel
- tweaked caching of artwork for the Album and Tracks view
- improved handling for multi-line podcast episode descriptions

changes since v3.0 Update 2:
- artist biographies addressed for changes made by
- fix artist picture in the Now Playing panel and the Compact Player which can stay switched to a blurred album cover
- fix MB freezing in certain circumstances when moving files to an organised folder
- enable sorting on the soundcloud search panel and fix the "likes" count column
- fix the device synchronisation to respect the file converter encoder thread count and priority settings (was effectively always using 2 threads)
- add support for mod files (mo3/it/ xm/s3m/ mtm/ mod/ umx)
- add support for chiptunes files - you will also need the basszxtune.dll plugin: see
- change the Music Explorer panel to show album year instead of album artist
- fix CD ripper not saving artwork where the artwork is not embeded
- drag/ drop files from windows explorer into the now playing list doesnt also import linked file artwork
- fix music explorer filter panel handling for files with multiple values in a tag
- fix file rescan aborting when encountering a long filename (>260 chars)
- support for dockable plugin panels
- change to the way Locate in Windows Explorer is implemented
- fix breaking change for the soundcloud search results
- change the behavior of the Panel Layout button. It now shows a menu for quick layout changes, including the Hide Panel Header function and Arrange Panels dialog
- thumbnail browser can now be configured to show text only with no thumbnails
- Music Explorer filter panel can now be configured to show pictures (like the thumbnail browser)
- various bug fixes

changes since v3.0 Update 1:
- main panel now keeps focus when closing the tag editor (docked in the main panel) and clicking the save button
- fix freeze on startup with a specific combination of artwork panel set to "Selected Tracks" and the artwork storage type
- some visual improvements for drag/drop operations eg. scroll bar shouldnt flicker when dropping a file and artwork repaint should flicker less
- manual file scanner was failing with certain directory structures
- auto-playlists now refresh when editing tag values that affect the auto-playlist
- double click on the thumb browser when artists displayed in the main panel was not working
- windows screen border snap was not aligning correctly for the mini-player on windows 10
- the computer node in the left navigator was locking on start up with certain settings
- the Now Playing Bar has been updated to be more similar to v2.5 and also the missing right click context menu for the album cover is implemented
- for the Album Covers layout, the expanded panel now uses blended colours from the album cover
- global search should now perform faster in many cases
- mouse wheel anywhere on the player controls panel now adjusts the volume (as was the case with v2.5)
- create a new playlist now resorts the playlists in the navigator panel
- cd ripper: improved "encode selected" and volume analysis handling for failed or rips with errors
- expanded panel layout handling for multi-disc or sub-header grouping is improved so each disc/group starts on a new line
- playlist file linkages displayed in the "Playlists" field in the main panel now load in the background so not locking the GUI for large playlists
- right click/ Search/ Locate in Playlist now loads in the background so not locking the GUI for large playlists
- gradient blending for the expanded panel has been tweaked and improved to reduce banding effect for some album covers
- the selected tracks in the "Files to Edit" filter panel were not always used for various menu commands and a "No selected tracks" message was displayed
- the 'Track difference more than 10 seconds' option was missing from the Duplicates Manager
- further tweaks to the Now Playing Bar - now the panel is filled with a blend from the album cover
- added support for showing a small album cover in the main player controls panel. Right click/ Panel Layout/ Show Album Cover
- when the Playing Tracks panel has focus, MB no longer forces the panel to scroll the current track to the top
- text search for individual tracks when using the Album Covers or Artists view is now supported and enabled from the search menu dropdown
- Collapsed Albums grouping now shows duration and size of the album when an album is collapsed
- addressed temporary freezes when selecting items in a filter panel (thumb browser, column browser, library explorer) and the main panel is showing artists that require an image to be downloaded
- the filter panel in the "Music Explorer" panel now only shows values from files in your library and also respects any library filter active in the tab
- faster loading of file/ playlist linkages eg. when you show the "Playlist" field in the main panel, use Search/ Locate in Playlist etc

changes since the original release:
- google album artwork search updated to handle changes made by google
- fixes a bug with MTP device synchronisation for the "playlists with own folder" setting
- fix for importing podcasts that cant be matched to an existing subscription
- tag editor panel stays locked when saving using the "Edit: Save" hotkey
- snap feature for windows 10 was leaving a 7px gap with the edge of the screen
- podcast naming template for device synchronisation now supported
- exit from MusicBee was triggering dsp_iZOzoneFree to crash
- auto-dj error message when de-selecting a library source
- when the artwork storage preference is set to a file naming template, a number of auto-tag functions that download artwork were not setting the picture filename
- invalid filename char mapping now supports null replacement (as opposed to replacing with a space)
- when the left sidebar is configured to auto-hide, the popup panel now includes a pin icon so it can be permanently displayed.
- changing fields/ order or sorting in the Tools/ Tagging "other files to edit..." panel was also changing the fields in the Track Details view for the main panel
- configurations for each of the filters in the Tools/ Tagging "other files to edit..." panel is now preserved on restart
- album covers panel with tracks displayed at the bottom of the panel: incorrect prompt when deleting files from a playlist and not maintaining the panel state when refreshed
- artwork not always refreshed in the Album Covers & Album and Tracks view when updated externally to MB and rescanned in MB
- improved "Album Color Mix" view for the Now Playing panel
- Album Picture Only view in the compact player has been improved when displayed in a wide layout, plus a couple of layout bugs fixed
- Album Covers expanded panel now sorts tracks by title if no disc/track number is tagged
- force restart with certain menu/ tab configuration setting combinations with unskinned window borders
- enhanced Music Explorer so you can now browse and filter by artist/ genre/ year etc, and enhance text search within the new panel
- "resume playback" setting in the Player preferences now restarts a radio stream
- tweaks to the transparency of the right sidebar when overlayed on the feature picture in the Now Playing panel
- double click to start playback from windows explorer not always working when "resume position" is enabled
- auto-shutdown at the end of the track fixed
- playlist manager - now supports all the right click commands that were missing eg. play now, send to, etc
- double click on the playing track text for the main player and sidebar player should now work correctly
- fix window resizing issue for windows 10 and auto-hidden task bar
- fix layout bug for the main player panel with certain skin and font size combinations
- and various other minor bugs
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see the first post

Version 3.1 is well under way and i will set up a new beta topic soon