Author Topic: Need to add Composition Field for Classical Music  (Read 6105 times)


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This is where it get's interesting.  Unlike Composition, which appears in the main screen in Tag Inspector, under Tags, Period or Style does not appear in Tags in Tag Inspector.  Period or Style does appear in Tags 2 in Tag Inspector, along with Composition.

Period or Style appears in Preferences under Tags 1.  I have properly configured the field, just as I did when I added Composition.  In other words, Period or Style appears exactly like Composition in the file structure.

If you're looking at Tags (1) and (2) you're still in the Tag Editor, not the tag inspector.  Tag Inspector is the one with the three columns.
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Late last night, I achieved a breakthrough.  The file name in the original data base was different from what I had originally reported.  After repeating the creation process, using the correct database file name, all is working properly.

My original database was created, using MusiCHI software.  MusiCHI was developed in Europe and the developer had used a word which is probably French as the name for that field, but had translated the word into "Period or Style" for the display name.  I finally realized what was going on and used the original word in the MusicBee creation process.


Sorry for the flurry of emails.  But, as always, thanks for the help.