Author Topic: Better photo discovery for the Now Playing tab needed  (Read 730 times)

Will Pittenger

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I commonly see Now Playing turn up artist photos for the wrong artist.  Some artists like Petra, Avalon, and Sierra are prone to errors.  Seems that those names are associated with multiple artists.  I tried to ban problem photos, but the ban option is either disabled or banning fails.

I'd also appreciate a means to add photos I found elsewhere such as scanning them from physical CD covers.  As is, such photos appear only in the tiny area I'd rather use for the album cover proper.  On a related note, can we hide the album cover in the left sidebar (outside Now Playing)?  It's usually a duplicate and smaller.  Finally, when the main Now Playing pane, when it shows the actual album cover, the space below for the album cover should be hidden.
Will Pittenger