Author Topic: Lyrics source field for each track  (Read 1150 times)

Will Pittenger

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I'd like to know the source of lyrics that were downloaded.  With lyrics I find on Google, I prefix that with the domain where I found them surrounded by brackets ("[" and "]").  But there's no record for lyrics found by the program.  Setting this field to something other than what are supported by MusicBee would send a suggestion to Steven that it be added.  If he gets a lot of people setting the new field to "", perhaps he should add built-in support for that site.

On a related note, when I was using a client before I found MusicBee, I added "[not found]" or "[no lyrics found]" to the lyrics field if I couldn't find any.  Now that MusicBee has better support for lyrics, I'd like a quick way to search for tracks with the lyrics field set to one of those strings.  I can't do that yet.
Will Pittenger


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Hi Will,
You can search for strings in the lyrics field using the custom search (Ctrl+F). I have playlists built around this type of search, e.g., songs that contain "Colorado" (I live there) or "bee" (I'm a beekeeper), so I'm sure you could find the songs that have those strings you mentioned.
Hope this helps,