Author Topic: taging music files, Access to the path xxx denied!  (Read 1839 times)


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When I use the Tag editor and try to change the title or artist, I only get an error message saying that the "Access to the path xxx denied!"
So it is impossible to do any changes.How do I get around this problem?

vincent kars

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Select a track
File > Locate in Windows Explorer

Is the track still there?
If so check if it is read only


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All the traks are in place, and no in read-only mode.

I have this problem with ALL my music tracks!
I supose it is a setting somewhere that has to be changed...


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Are the music tracks on the C: drive? What happens if you run MB as admin?

If that works, I suggest moving your tracks to another drive or partition, or at least get them out of the Windows Library folder (i.e. My Music) which is where I suspect they are.
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