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simple in idea at any rate,  but I'd really love me some midi control :)  no other player does that, or has ever done that (afaik). I've seen this wish come up from time to time over the many years since winamp was still going strong, it would really be something for those of us with midi controllers.  I can't tell you how cool it would be to control Musicbee with my Triggerfinger  ;)

I've sort of hacked it together a couple times using Bome's midi software, but that's hit and miss and crashes (for me) more than it's worth.  

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Hi Michelle911, you might want to change the title of your thread having it describe your request briefly.
That would help in giving it the attention it deserves, and would also make it easier to find when you or other members would want to search for it.


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I am longtime user of a MIDI Controller for my Lightroom.
Now, also Voicemeeter is controlled over my MIDI controller.
Next Stop is MusicBee.

One piece of software looks promising as a simple solution.


Transforms MIDI Signal into Keyboard Commands (MusicBee listens to them)


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Have a look at the the Musicbee IPC : (

It provides a python library that can do most things in musicbee from a python script, including stop/start/search/enable DSP etc.

I've used it myself to compare bandcamp pages vs musicbee library while trying to archive a genre, and I am absolutely not a programmer.

There should be some midi python library you can add to this and control it that way. More work up front, but avoids having to go via keystrokes since its a native Musicbee plugin.