Author Topic: 3.0.6132: asio configuration: list of speakers does not scroll  (Read 1525 times)


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my recording interface, RME UFX+, has 94 input and output channels.

In the ASIO configuration dialog the list of device channel is scrollable, so far so good.

The bug is, that the list of speakers is not scrollable and does not scroll up/down together in sync with the list of device channels. By this you can't assign i.e. the left/right channel to all device channels.

This bug was already in 2.5.* and has not yet been fixed in the 3.0 train.

The situation becomes worse if you use a 2nd device like the new USB DAC RME ADI-2 Pro (Headphone Amp).
The ADI-2 Pro uses the same RME ASIO driver like the UFX+.
The problem is, that the device channels of the 2nd device are listed at the end of the list.
So you have no chance to assign left/right channel to the ADI-2 Pro directly.

Would be nice if you could fix this ASIO configuration dialog window in 3.0 and the upcoming 3.1.

Many thanks.

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