Author Topic: MusicBee not showing all downloaded Podcast Subscription episodes  (Read 1569 times)


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First of all, thanks so much for all your hard work creating and sustaining MusicBee.
Please know that it is, very much appreciated.

I find MusicBee the most stable and yet flexible for managing my many Podcast subscriptions.

Now for my question:

When I have downloaded podcast episodes from my subscriptions, I have been having the problem of the
episodes not always showing up in the Subscription Column of podcasts listings.

So many times I have to go to the Library directory and and find the folder, then the episodes there and play
the podcast from there.
I know this cannot be the way MusicBee is suppose to function.

Why would the Podcast episodes be in the Podcast library, but not show up in the Podcast Subscription column listed
in its folder?

I have tried the following and still not found a resolution for my problem:

1)  I tried to re-scan the library folder for podcasts and it does not seem to recognize any additional or the non listed

2)  I have tried moving the non recognized Podcast folder's files to the Inbox and move them to the Subscription
     folder from there, but that does not seem to get the job done.

3)  I have also tried to drag them from the library folder into the Subscription folder showing in MusicBee, but
     that too failed.

What can I do to straighten out this issue, once and for all?

Thanks so much in advance, for any suggestions & help!