Author Topic: Mood-Based Analysis / Playback / Playlist generation  (Read 1564 times)


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I found Music-Bee via a thread somewhere telling that it would support the "mood tag" in MP3s. For a couple of years now I'm searching for a replacement app to "MoodAgent", which analyses MP3s and categorizes them in five parameters ( sensual, tender, happy, angry, tempo), see e.g.

The result is imho very good, MoodAgent seems to create just the right playlist based on a given mood (can be changed with sliders per parameter) or based on a given seed-track. There's a similar product called "MusicIP Mixer", personally, I think the MoodAgent playlists are more organic and more enjoyable.

Unfortunatelly, both MusicIP and MoodAgent are no longer developed. In addition to its shift away from customer apps in 2014, the MoodAgent client for Windows also has a couple of bugs and doesn't even allow the export of generated playlists to something that's useful for, say, DS Music (the Synology MP3 player for "on the road").

So, my question is, is there any chance to have

  a) a similar analysis function for the music library in Music Bee and
  b) could that be used for Playlist generation, so I could take these playlists, put them on my NAS and play them away from my PC
  c) could these "mood parameters" (different from the mood-tag for mp3s) be also used for music discovery, similar to what MoodAgent offered before their servers shut down (similar tracks with similar mood that are not yet in the music library)

Music Bee is pretty much an amazing MP3 all-in-one solution, this seems to be the only feature that's missing for me. And the Auto-DJ is nice, but doesn't really reach the quality of MoodAgent playlists.