Author Topic: Sort bug in the files view  (Read 296 times)


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A directory structure of my music library is as follows (Genre folder-> Album folder-> Track file).

Library Root
├─Genre Y
│  └─Album B
│        Track.mp3
└─Genre Z
    └─Album A

If the library is sorted by album name (ascending), Album A should be followed by Album B in the files view.
But in my environment, Album B is listed before Album A as in the screenshot below.

Sorting works well if Album A and B folders are placed on the same directory.

MB: 3.1.6220, Win8.1


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As a guess, do you have set 'files for each album are organised in their own folder'?
That would explain your albums displayed and sorted: classical, genre y, genre z, jazz, etc.


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I changed to another option and sorting worked.
Thank you, hiccup.