Author Topic: Tags being stripped when I add artwork  (Read 1324 times)


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I did post on this a few days ago, but that's now defunct because the issue isn't what I thought it was and does seem to be with MusicBee.

I'm currently adding extra artwork to loads of albums. Today I must have done about 30 albums.

Of those 30, 6 had this problem.

One track in each of these 6 lost all it's tags from MB normal view, including the tracklength tag. They play normally, and MB sees the length normally in the play bar at the bottom.

I moved them to the inbox to try and find out what's going on. What I'm describing here is the same for all of the tracks affected.

Right clicking and going into the edit, the fields are all blank. However, clicking on the tag inspector, says the tags are there.

OK, next step, open the file in mp3tag, that shows the tags as there as well. Now for the odd bit. If I click to save the tags in mp3tag, without editing anything, then go back to the still pen MB window, the correct tagging for that file now shows properly. The other affected files do the same only when I resave their tags in mp3tag as well.

OK, so all's not lost, I've found a workaround to recover the tags, but this is a bit odd.

Anyone have a clue what's going on here? Is there a setting I could have accidentally chnged in MB to cause this?

WIndows 10. Current public download of MB (Version 3.0.6132). It has affected both flac and mp3 files.


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there is a bug in older 3.0 versions where you edit tags, and then rate the track while its still playing. In that case the tags dont get written to the file. That bug is fixed in the latest v3.0 patch.
However this issue doesnt sound like that. Also track length is not a tag so i dont know what would be going on.
What format are the files e.g. MP3, flac, etc ?

You can right click/ send to/ rescan files to reload the tags


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Up until yesterday it had only happened to FLACs, but yesterday it happened with an MP3 file as well. 95% of my library is FLAC, most of the rest is MP3 with a few WMA.

Thanks for the send to/ rescan advice, I didn't know about that, I'll try it if it happens again.