Author Topic: Tags disappearing after editing images  (Read 1094 times)


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Bear with me for a minute. I think I've figured out what's causing this and want to know if it's possible.

I'm fairly anal with regards to tagging, I suspect a few on here are, MB is very good at handling tags so if you do care about them it one of many good reasons to use MB. I check and double check quite a lot.

Recently I've started adding more art to the tags, back of sleeve, media, leaflet pics etc etc etc.

A few days agi I noticed that 4 tracks were missing some tags (I had 4 albums showing as [empty] in the left side panel on a particular tag I was checking). When I checked them they were missing nearly ALL their tags, even some system assigned ones (track length being the most noticable). None of them were important and I had a feeling I'd deleted them anyway, so I deleted them again.

Today, after I added some artwork to a ripped CD single, two of the tracks suddenly lost all their information on the screen. Right clicking and then using edit to look at the tags, it was the same as before. The file was on the disc, but all the tags were missing. Again they are tracks I may have deleted (different mixes of the same song, sometimes I keep them, sometimes I don't, and I had a spree of getting rid of some recently).

I don't think it's a MB problem, I hope not, I think I've solved it but I don't know enough about how windows does things to be sure it's feasible. If it isn't, then it might be a MB issue.

All my music is on an external drive. I've just bought a new laptop, done a fresh install of MB on it (using the released version) and realoded the music onto a new library changing nothing on the disc.

If I deleted files using the old laptop but didn't get roung to emptying the recycle bin could this cause an issue like this. I know enough to know there will be a hidden recyler folder on the external drive, obviously if I didn't empty on my old machine the bin on the drive won't match that on the new laptop. Would it put the files back? Could this strip them of tags in the process? The files were still playable.

My old machine was Windows 7, the new one is Windows 10.

This is stretching beyond my IT skills but could I have reached the right conclusion or do I need to look for something else?