Author Topic: Order By %year%/%track% instead of discumber in album cover view  (Read 598 times)


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I catalog my music by recording date. Originally I had the worded date as a subheader and assigned a discnumber to each session as the album cover view splits the tracks of a disc into 'paragrahed' sections within an album.

I am now also tagging the formatted date into year.

Is there a way to sort by year/track instead of discnumber/track within an album? I have tried messing around with custom sorting to no avail.


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No, the date is applied to the whole album so unless you included Date in your album definition (which would break it into multiple albums) this probably won't work
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The info in this thread might be relevant to what you're trying to do:

Whether accidental or by design, it seems some views will always sort tracks by Disc#/Track# regardless of any custom sorting settings.
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