Author Topic: Allow Duplicate manager to compare a playlist to the rest of the library.  (Read 417 times)


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What I am looking for is the ability to use the "Duplicates Manager" to compare one playlist against the rest of the library or another playlist, and return all tracks that meet the duplicate criteria where one of the tracks is in the specified playlist.

My specific use case;

I have a folder which contains a bunch of individual tracks I call "Separates." These are tracks which are not part of a specific album, because they came form other sources like YouTube, individual purchases over the years, or friends. I use it as a sort of shopping list when I look for new albums. I would like to compare an auto-playlist containing these files, to the rest of my library, or another playlist to check for duplicates.
I envision a playlist that contains only duplicates where one of the duplicate tracks is part of this "Separates." This way, I could compare tracks from "Separates" to the other tracks. I would then either delete the file from separates, or rename it because it is a different remix, or version. As long as I'm wishing, it would be cool if it could be incorporated into an auto-playlist. I'm perfectly happy with creating a new static playlist every time.

With the current Auto-playlist options, I can get to the point where I have a list of duplicates which are "Separates," but I really miss the other tracks from the rest of the library in the same list.

Hopefully, that came out as clear as it is in my head.
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