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Sometimes it takes MusicBee AGES to find a new track. Is there any way to speed this up?

Some background.

I'm currently digitising a huge amount of vinyl using Audacity, it's a slow enough process as it is, so having to wait for MusicBee to find tracks is frustrating.

First I get everything done that Audacity is good at, the recording, cleaning etc. I then split the track and "Export Multiple" from Audacity (as FLACs) into a folder that I've set MusicBee to monitor. I only tag the track title in Audacity so when it arrives in MusicBee it shows as unknown artist and album but with the track titles correct. That makes it easy to do the rest of the tagging inside MusicBee, which is better at tagging than Audacity.

I have two folders set to monitor, the one where I store my music and one other which is where I put new stuff which is normally empty. Once I've tagged and analysed volume in MusicBee I use the automatic "send files to organised folder" to put it in the main folder and then "send to music library". I have MusicBee set to put new files in Inbox.

9 times out of 10 this is all fine. I export the files from Audacity, go to MusicBee (which is open in a dfferent window) and the files are there for me to work on. However, sometimes, one or more file is missing, never all of then, just one or two, and it then takes AGES to find them. Sometimes, I have to close and reopen MB to find them, and it still takes a good minute after I've reopened it.

Is there any way to manually add a file to the Inbox than MB is taking ages to find?


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