Author Topic: How to display the TYER tag in a column?  (Read 2620 times)


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Mp3tag could do it no problem in batches.

Is that an assumption, or do you know it as a fact?


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Huh. I was apparently assuming.

I use Mp3tag to copy from one tag to another in the same file fairly often using Actions (format value, see However, when I tried it specifically with TYER, it didn't work. I added an editable field for TYER in the left panel, and any text value I entered went into TXXX/TYER. It would seem that we don't have high enough clearance to fiddle with that specific tag value. Perhaps it's a threat to national security. You can try defining the value of your custom tag as %year% instead and it might give you the results you want, it might not.

As far as I can tell, any software that can edit tags will always define TYER as a four-digit number which will then be referred to as "year" in the interface. I'm starting to get a bit curious regarding what is in your TYER tags that can't be displayed in the year column. At any rate, I thank you for the opportunity to learn something new about ID3 tags and how inflexible they really are.
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