Author Topic: Volume Behaviour Better Suited to Use With External DAC  (Read 2411 times)


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The use of an external PreAmp/DAC reduces the need for MusicBee and Windows Volume control.  I am aware using WASAPI disables Windows Mixer but it also disallows multiple audio streams.

The main reason for this request is simplification.  In a normal setup which includes a PreAmp/DAC there could be 2-4 volume controls present in the chain.

MusicBee* > Windows* > PreAmp/DAC* > AMP(*)

* Contains volume control

Possible options for implementation, activated by option under "Player" menu item:

1. Disable MusicBee volume control with all devices (including DirectSound), rely on Windows and PreAmp/DAC volume control.
2. Link MusicBee and Windows Mixer Volume at the application level (only being able to change the relative volume to other system sounds)
3. ???

Love to hear your thoughts,




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I am using an external DAC and an integrated amplifier.  I run MusicBee in WASAPI mode on a dedicated laptop running Windows 10 Professional.  I control this laptop with another laptop at my PLP, using Windows Remote Desktop.

I have disabled my DAC's volume control and I have set my amplifier to a specific volume level.  I use the MusicBee volume control to vary the volume level to compensate for varying volume levels of different recordings and different listening conditions.

Having the volume control in software and at my fingertips is a major plus.




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Sliding the volume control in MB to maximum is the same as disabling it (it only reduces the volume of the playing audio). It isn't that the volume leveling between MB and other apps will automatically be perfect without the volume slider, MB will simply behave as though it is maxed out. I know it's frustrating to have to level volume between applications, but taking away the volume control won't fix that. We're nowhere near universal system volume, and no single developer can control what all other developers do.
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i want to set musicbee at maximum volume and then disable the slider


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