Author Topic: DUplicate ENTRIES (same path, filename, etc) versus duplicate SONGS scattered  (Read 1456 times)


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QUESTION on EXACT DUPLICATE ENTRIES, how to find, and remove,
VERSUS duplicate songs that may exist as same name, BUT different file paths, different music albumns

playlist has

Track-01   from John Smith    c:\music\JohnSmith\Track01.mp3
entered twice

Track-01  from JOhn Smith      c:\music\JohnSmith\Track01.mp3
Track-01  from  Joe Schmoe   c:\Music\JoeSchmoe\Track01.mp3

HOw to find the FIRST example, the exact matches, so I can remove them?

when I do the DUPLICATE finder, it finds all occurrences, of Track-01, and they may not be duplicates;  I know I have to go through these one by one

BUT, i want to clean up the stuff that fits the FIRST example, in some easy way, out of all my playlists