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On the track information panel you have the option to link the Artist field to either a library filter or the artist information panel as you can see in the next screen capture.

But you have to be specific about this, you can't use Album Artist field since it won't work as a link as you can see in the third box. The result is that Musicbee will display the "Display Artist" as is set in the tag in the track information panel as you can see in the next screen.

You can see the result in blue on the right and the left panel.

The problem arises when you have multiple artist as for example band members, etc. as you can see in the next capture.

The link will work only for the first member of the list as you can see in the next screen.

This is not a bad thing or bug, it's just the way MB behaves since in any case I don't have the option to choose another specific member to look for if I want to which it could be another feature to suggest. But what I really would like to see it's that the link searches for the display artist instead the first element of the list or a more straight forward approach would be to add the chance to also link the album artist field. In this case the link will take directly to the band information in the music explorer panel or in the library.