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When importing playcount history, Musicbee does its things to match the scrobbles to a file in the library.

Understandably, sometimes MB cannot find a library match for the scrobble: this might be because a library file does not exist at all (as example, for tracks that are scrobbled from a streaming service) or simply because "corrects" the scrobble, making it difficult for MB to find a match.

My question: is it possible to somehow retrieve a list of the unmatched scrobbles?

I would like to go through this list more or less manually and try to correct the tags so as to match song, but first I need to know which songs Musicbee has trouble matching...


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+1, someway of linking scrobbles with library tracks would be wonderful
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+1 in a way...

I actually was thinking of a way to maybe add a field that you can customize and change so it matches tags, because you don't always want to use's versions of things.

I listen to a lot of K-pop, so tagging in Korean would mess up my alphabetical order. Sometimes will change, say, BTS to "방탄소년단," and it would be nice to say to Musicbee, "Hey, this artist is 방탄소년단 on!"

It would also help with the artist pictures and track information.
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