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Just some general features I expect from the perfect music player. Basically I want it to become a synthesis of music management, recommendation system and personalized streaming radio right from the beginning.

Fire and forget: Just press play and it plays recommended tracks from the local library and online streaming services.

Full integration of recommendation systems: Get individual recommendations from online music recommendation systems (based on your listening stats, likes, ratings and musical attributes of favourite tracks) and use them directly in the player radio.

When the radio plays I want to be able to: save songs to playlists, rate (thumbs up/stars/numbers), tag, buy, share, download. My feedback should be used by the radio to improve recommendations.

High quality streaming in FLAC/HiFi. Always a good thing but rarely available.

Stop playing after a specified time or after a specific number of tracks.

Detailed listening statistics with analysis/evaluation.

Good filter system for the radio/AutoDJ: Filter, prefer or ban songs/artists not only based on the standard tags but also on musical attributes (like "repetitive melodic phrasing", "female lead vocalist", "minor key tonality", ...) which will be provided by music analysis projects like the Music Genome Project or AcousticBrainz.

Someting more futuristic: It should be able to detect my mood or emotional state through an interface and play me adequate songs. Because even if you like a specific death metal song, you don't necessarily want to hear it if you're in a candle light mood.

That should be enough to induce a pathological music addiction. ;) Something missing?
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