Author Topic: Storage path problem with iPod classic  (Read 2713 times)


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So, I can't seem to sync my iPod classic with musicbee because I always get this error:

I tried formatting and restoring my iPod but I always get the same error. DOes anyone know what storage path I need for my iPod? Or another way to fix this problem?



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Firstly you need to understand that MB does not directly support iDevices. There is an iphone plugin that might help.

That being said, I have been using my Classic with MB for many years with only a minimal number of issues when I first started using it. The iPod does not have "letter" paths. You have to do a complete wipe, reset, and restore and let Apple set the paths. A key part to the success of syncing to it is the ios version.

See this:

Also, here are the settings I've used. And note that I did -not- enter the paths. They should get picked up by MB on the first connection between the two:
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