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I thought it would be cool if Musicbee could automatize the creation of Playlist from setlists ( ). Maybe similar to the autoDJ, you could select a artist and a time frame and Musicbee will start playing a setlists from this and or % similar artists.
What do you think?



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what is everyones opinion about how well populated the website is? My checking i could hardly find any setlists but that just might be the type of artists i am looking for


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I quickly checked some artists like Feeder, Guns N Roses, Radiohead and got setlists for those, although find them was difficult as it seems they list all events regardless of whether anyone has posted a setlist for or not, which is a little frustrating having to click through only to be told that there is nothing there yet.

Seems I was hasty before (that's what happens when looking on my phone) it does show which are populated setlists
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