Author Topic: More Settings for narrow Layout or Option to make the wide layout smaller  (Read 1699 times)


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I just started Setting up Highlights for my Songs (for example new ones, often played, etc) and I use the narrow player while I'm in games all the time.
The thing is, I can't edit the narrow player to my own preferences and the wide layout covers too much space of my screen.

So there would be two solutions:
- A Setting to display different fields next to the artist in the mini player
- A Setting to make the wide layout not as wide (for example if I could disable album Artwork and Spectrum Visualisation)

But this Programm is just so perfect once you know how to use it :)
Thanks for making this

BTW is an Android Version planned? maybe with Sync? Would be absolutely Awesome because I hate my Stock Music Player on Android


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

I can't help with the mini player, but there are several good music players for Android that work well with MusicBee.  Check out the FAQ for a list.

I'm hoping to one day make a sync plugin for MusicBee and Android, but that's some months if not years down the road. Maybe someone will beat me to it!  In the meantime, I can recommend Resilio Sync for syncing over WiFi, depending on how much space you have on your drive or your device.
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