Author Topic: MusicBee Rearranges my Tabs Cannot Navigate Library  (Read 1411 times)


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Loved this program until the more I use it, it seems to have a "smart" feature that is actually stupid.
It places random tabs and replaces what I had previously with playlists I have picked.

I just want a button for playlists...that STAYS on playlists.
I want a button that shows whole library...that STAYS on my library (preferably in a folder view).

Not sure if this is possible but I am about to uninstall and reinstall just so I can navigate my music again.

Sorry to be so upset but this program is not intuitive at all.


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There is no such feature and i dont think i have ever seen anyone make such a claim before - why on earth would MusicBee do that?
I doubt re-installing would make any difference. I guess a screenshot might help people diagnose the issue but i can tell you it will be something you are doing, so try to recall the things you were doing at the time when it happens


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Thanks for the reply.
Good to know there is no such feature, have high hopes for this program.

I have uninstalled and removed all .bak files and .ini settings and now have a stock install and have added a small portion of my library.
I've taken screen shots and saved the settings.ini in a folder and will pay super close attention every time a tab changes and why.

I'll get back to you with what I find. I never saved my playlists to the tab and the "Music" tab showed No Artists despite having 3,500 songs in my music folder that was being monitored by program. The path was correct and worked fine last week. I also never added the Kygo playlist but had been listening to it off and on alot last week and it randomly popped up as first option in tab bar. Strange...
When I play a playlist I always pick "play shuffled" and this is the main way I use the program 99% of the time.

I create a playlist by typing into the search "band name" then pick all or cherry pick the ones I want, right click "add to playlist"...usually create new. Then when I want to play I click on the playlist tab and find the playlist I want and right click play shuffled. That is it, it's not rocket science and SEEMS intuitive, until...


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I wonder if you're being thrown off by the playlist manager, or maybe accidentally had a locked tab?  Also, if you use the middle mouse button when selecting a node or playlist, it will open in a new tab.

These pages might be helpful:
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