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NowPlayingList_MoveFiles uses the same internal functions as manually drag/dropping files, however i do see one inconsistency.
Does this version work better?

Unfortunately no, same result  :(
By the way _api.NowPlayingList_RemoveAt(index) works fine, which makes me think that retrieved indexes are correct.
Also NowPlayingList_MoveFiles works fine when Shuffle is off (so the indexes go in natural order)

If not, are you saying that you are comparing NowPlayingList_QueryFiles(null) before and after the operation that its shuffled? If so, I dont see how that would have been case so could you explain how you determined the list is re-shuffled?

I'm not comparing it in code, I see it re-shuffled in player. I think it makes sense to share the code:
1) To get Now Playing list and appropriate track indexes:
public void RequestNowPlayingListOrdered(string clientId, int offset = 0, int limit = 100)

            var tracks = new List<NowPlaying>();
            var position = 1;
            var itemIndex = _api.NowPlayingList_GetCurrentIndex();
            while (position <= limit)
                var trackPath = _api.NowPlayingList_GetListFileUrl(itemIndex);

                var track = getFileMetadata(trackPath, itemIndex);

                itemIndex = _api.NowPlayingList_GetNextIndex(position);

            sendDataToClient(clientId, tracks);
2) To change order of Now Playing list:
public void RequestNowPlayingMove(string clientId, int from, int to)
            bool result;
            int[] aFrom = {from};
            int dIn;
            if (from > to)
                dIn = to - 1;
                dIn = to;
            result = _api.NowPlayingList_MoveFiles(aFrom, dIn);

            sendDataToClient(clientId, result);
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Actually there is a flaw in the internal functions for manual file drag/drop that is causing the issue you having. I will look to fix it over the next few days