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There should be a sticky thread in the Questions subforum regarding posting suggestions or guidelines.  Just a few ideas:

1) Search to see if the question/issue has been raised and addressed before.

2) If #1 fails to turn anything up, then create a new thread with the subject line succinctly detailing the question/issue.

3) Users should ID the version of MB (and maybe OS) they are using at the time when posting their questions.  Musicbee > Help > About

4) If needed, users should use the following guide to post screenshot(s) detailing their issue:

5) Both posters and commenters should exercise common courtesy.

I'm hesitant to add the link to the newest patch version thread ( because that's more for bug reporting/testing.  Furthermore, most of the time the latest patch is pretty stable but other times not so much (my fault):

In the question subforum, I'd rather recommend users to use the latest patch if it helps to address their question.
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Let's have a little more discussion about what we want to specify, but then I think I or another mod can just move & sticky this thread
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