Author Topic: Is there a way to assign genre to artist instead of to a track?  (Read 549 times)


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When editing the genre of a track and saving it, it assigns that genre to the track itself but a lot of my music has multiple artists, some of which who make different genres of music than the other. So when I sort or search by genre, artists that shouldn't be popping up, pop up because they collaborated on a track with an artist who is in the genre I was looking for.


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All tags, including genre, are applied to tracks.  They are metadata in the file, generally, and files are tracks. 

How would you propose to have this work exactly?
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Doing it manually would be the way to go.
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You could conceivably categorize artists into genres with the Tag Hierarchy Explorer, but that's not going to be saved in the file or portable to other systems (phone, etc). It wouldn't really solve your problem of artists in cross-genre tracks, either.
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