Author Topic: jump to file in main playlist (bring to focus)  (Read 1653 times)


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if there's a workaround to this, please lemme know and promptly delete this post, but:

i really need a way to find a file/place inside of the main playlist window (similar to how if you start typing in the "playing tracks" window it takes you to the song you type in). i have massive playlists, sometimes (often) in manual order, and i have no way of returning to a spot in the playlist without doing a search, adding the track to the playing tracks tab, closing the search,  playing the song, focusing on the main playlist, then pressing locate source of track....

am i missing something?


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Right-Click on a track > Search > And there you will see multiple "Locate in..." options.

You can also set up a hotkey to make the process quicker.

Another tip, while playing a track, double clicking on the track details text inside the player controls panel will take you to the originating view where the track is being played from.
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