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The following is what you need to know when submitting an add-on/skin. You will need to have a forum account.

Where can i submit add-on?
Submitting add-on is easy, click on the Dashboard in the website menu and click on Submit an add-on

You will get a submission form, fill in all the details about the add-on.

How to Submit?

Step1. Choose add-on type. If your add-on is not any of the listed type, then select Misc

Step2. Fill in the basic details. Provide a short description about your add-on/skin, do not put tags in there.
Select minimum MusicBee version.
You can also mention your add-on version. If you left it blank it will automatically set default to v1.0
While adding version use something like: 1.2.6, DO NOT USE 1.2text, try to use numbers and dots.

Tags are important, when searching they are used together with title and description. Separate tags using commas.
A good example of tags for a modern Windows 10 style skin: modern, flat, windows 10, dark, blue

Step 3. Screenshots and download links
This is the most misused/misunderstand part.
DO NOT PROVIDE A THUMBNAIL LARGER THAN 500px in width or height.
If possible use the green button with upload icon. It will open up a image upload box. Click/drag(drag won't work in some browser) and select the image and it will automatically upload it to imgur(no account or anything needed).
It is highly recommend that you use that green button to upload to imgur, instead of using dropbox or other similar services.
It is the same for uploading screenshots. Screenshots should show users how your skin/add-on looks/works. at least try to provide 3-4 screenshot.
Click on Add more screenshots button to upload more.

Step 4. Add existing forum link and readme

If your add-on takes extra steps, or require other softwares and such or maybe have a steep learning curve, mention it in the readme section.
You can use markdown syntax to format.

Some Extra but optional things you can do.
You can mention if your add-on is in development or not. If it is beta then you MUST PROVIDE A FORUM LINK.

How to Edit or Delete submitted add-on?
Click on View all add-ons which is located beside Submit an add-on button.
There you will see all your submitted add-ons, click on the pencil icon to edit it. This is where you update the add-ons. or you can delete it.
Delete is not permanent. You can ask Mods/Admins to undelete it. You will have only few days before it gets permanently deleted from the server.

When you submit an add-on it will require admin/mod approval to show up in the add-ons page. Once you get elite status your add-on will get approved automatically.