Author Topic: Whitecap doesn't work, but it does  (Read 15191 times)


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I saw Whitecap listed as a visualiser, and thought, that's good.
But when I tried to use it, Music Bee says that my hardware and drivers are not up to specification.

I do wonder about what criteria this is based on.
I own a copy of Whitecap, and Windows Media Player is quite able to employ it.
And if can employ the one I have installed, I wouldn't have a clue how to "link" it in.


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I already have reported this problem here:

It's a pity that the visualisers don't work well.

Perhaps Musicbee 3.0 fix the problem? (I haven't tried)


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2018 and WhiteCap appears in the list of visualisers but when selected it comes up as blank. Anyone know why?