Author Topic: Where To Find the Configure Layout Button Once You Accidentally Delete It???  (Read 1136 times)


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I'm still trying to learn MusicBee, which I want to learn and use but it's got a steep learning curve.  So while tweaking the layout I accidentally made go away the Configure Layout button next to the Search button.  The one that toggles between all the different views of the main panel - simple text listings, shows album artworks and so forth - and also controls the display functions of the left and right side panels.  Well after digging around I finally somehow got it back but I don't know how exactly.  I'm hoping someone can tell me where I can find the control that displays or doesn't this multi-function button so should I accidentally delete it again I can get it back without having to root around for like an hour...


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There isnt any way to delete the panel layout button so i guess you are refering to something else. If you post a screenshot then that might give a better idea of what you mean