Author Topic: Tagging cuesheet issue  (Read 1266 times)


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I have a some music in flac format which is tagged by cuesheet. That music is in single file so cuesheet are very important.
I don't want to edit cuesheet in text editor so I try to use MusicBee.

There is a problem because MB won't edit tags in cuesheet, only in library.
I choose option Edit from drop down menu and open "Album File with Cuesheet". Option "Edit Cuesheet" open a cuesheet. When I change something and choose option "Update", nothing happens.
Similary happens when I change some of the tag from drop down menu (Album File with Cuesheet). Nothing change in a cuesheet, only in library.
How to change cuesheet from MB without using text editor.

I am using latest 3.0.5995 version of MB.