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I have been furiously searching for a software that plays music the way I need it to play. I play old dance music, not new (think close to ballroom).
I have been using Musicbee for many years now but I have to use another program (mediamonkey) at the same time to handle my preview. Problem is, the playlists do not speak to each other nor do they update in any kind of live manner.  I end up exporting my playlist many times through out the night to get to the same songs in the same sequence on the MM.

What I need/want:

-Computer file manager to browse to different folders and to open various pre-made playlists from which to drag songs to the active playlist (this functions well in MB)
-The main deck that is fed from the Now Playing playlist
-A second deck to preview songs or a preview feature (Mixxx dj software has a preview mode and there is no need to drag files, just click on preview button, fantastic feature! ; you assign main output to be the external soundcard, for example, and the preview to be the internal soundcard, which is connected to the headset)
-An active playlist (Now Playing). The playlist that feeds songs to Deck 1 that play automatically for as long as there are songs left on the playlist or until a button is pressed. This already works nicely in MB.

Basically I am looking for Musicbee but with a Preview function - a deck or player to pipe music through the channel I have chosen and the preview into the headset.

Question is: Has someone modified MB to have a dual play feature or a preview feature?

Mixxx has all except the Now Playing feature. I have circled the preview player.. click on the preview symbol next to any song and that song starts playing in the preview player whilst the deck is doing what the deck is doing.

ClubDJPro looked to have these functions but maybe the software had a flop launch? It also has video control which I don't need.