Author Topic: Looking for Suggestions/Recommendations for Chart Position  (Read 1254 times)


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Hello all,
I would appreciate any suggestions anyone has for the following.
I currently store the highest position a song charted at in the "Comments" field of FLACs and MP3s.  This has become problematic for several reasons
not the least of which is, this is a numeric value stored in a text field.

Has anyone solved a similar problem or have any suggestions for a better solution?


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I use a combination of custom tags and virtual tags to handle charts.

Custom tag is entered in this format:

Peak: #; Weeks: #; Score: # (a value based on chart position by week)

Then I have a virtual tag that I use as a subheader in Album & Tracks, which outputs  [Billboard Hit <year of peak>] followed by the contents of the custom field.  I also have a virtual tag that extracts the Score for sorting purposes.
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Thanks psychoadept I will investigate this.

Although I didn't specify, I was hoping to avoid MusicBee specific solutions as I am transitioning to Linux.
I know people have run MusicBee in wine, but I am trying to use native Linux apps.  (I have Win7 in VirtualBox
for emergencies).  As everyone knows there is nothing close to MusicBee in Linux (or Windows for that matter).