Author Topic: Sort by '#' in Descending order in Playlist does not work in version 3.0.5995  (Read 1910 times)


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Hi all,

After the upgrade to the latest version 3.0.5995, I'm no longer able to sort by '#' in Descending order in playlists.

The reason I've always use this method to view my playlist because:

1. My playlists contain >2000 songs.
2. Therefore, it's easier to see what's has been recently added/dragged into my playlists from my library.
3. Sort by 'Date Added (Desc)' would not fulfill my requirement in point 2 because e.g. [ if I added my year 2014 songs (which was added in 2014 into the library) into my playlist, it will be listed somewhere in the middle of the playlist instead at the top]

I know I'm being lazy here as I could just scroll all the way down for each of my playlists every time I launch MusicBee (since playlists will be sorted by # Ascending by default), however losing such basic function is such a shame.

I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the program, however same issues still persist.

Does anyone encounter the same issue of not being able to sort by # in Descending order in playlists and solution for it?


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Yup. I created a test playlist in my other computer which using ver. 2.5.5804.

Please find the screenshot in the link below.


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I can see it worked with v2.5. Report this to Bug Reports board (just a brief description would suffice). Must be a simple bug.