Author Topic: $LCut & $RCut functions  (Read 1005 times)


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Use case: I created an external tool entry for CUETools.  Essentially, it is C:\Program Files\CUETools\CUETools.exe "<Path>" (application_path and parameter respectively).  However, the terminal "\" messes up CUETools, e.g.  CUETools.exe "D:\foo\" doesn't work whereas CUETools.exe "D:\foo" does.

I believe a function that cuts the number of characters a user assigns while returning the rest of the field will fix his issue,  e.g. $RCut(<Path>,1).  Basically, it is the opposite of $Left and $Right functions.

Thus, the working CUETools entry will be C:\Program Files\CUETools\CUETools.exe "$RCut(<Path>,1)".

This is nothing critical, just something that would add convenience for me and, hopefully, for others.

Note: I hope this doesn't confuse users of the cut command so often used in bash scripting.
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