Author Topic: Feature request Remote: Browsing of library instead of just search function  (Read 6054 times)


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I switched from iTunes because basically it sucks, and MusicBee is by far the most amazing media player out there. I just love it.

However, comparing the remotes available for the respective media players, Retune that I use for iTunes has a feature I'd REALLY love to see in Music Bee: The ability to browse the complete library, instead of having just the search function. I wanna see what I have available instead of coming up with something from the top of my head which is not always easy. I'd be happy to donate money (well, gonna do that anyway, but would contribute more if this happens) to see this feature happening, because my intention is to transfer all my iTunes stuff to MusicBee and just use MusicBee, but as it is now I quite often use the Retune for iTunes and listen through iTunes instead of MusicBee simply because of the lack of this feature, simplly because it gives me a better overlook of what I have. Yes, I'm a lazy asshole who lies in the couch switching albums and tracks. Smiley

I've gone through every option in MusicBee remote and I have not seen this feature... my apologies if it's there, but I've really gone through it all, if it's there and I'm a moron, do let me know. Smiley

Thanks for making such an awesome media player, I just freaking love it.

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