Author Topic: How to change colours of a skin that you like.  (Read 19237 times)


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If the skin file has the extension xml:

Open the skin file that you like, but want to make changes to with an editor that can handle xml files. (e.g. Notepad++)
Find the element that you want to change the colour for.
(Using a colour picker such as Instant Color Picker together with the Sample Skin can be helpful for that)

Change the rgb values of the elements you want changed to your liking.
Save the file, and next time you select the skin in MusicBee you will see it displaying the colours that you have changed.
(it's probably a good idea to keep the original file intact, and save your edit under a different skin name)

If the skin file has the extension xmlc:

it is a compiled skin (a.k.a. a bitmapped skin) and you can not open or edit this file type.

However, you can create an additional (xml) skin file that will use an existing xmlc skin as the basis, but will override certain colour elements that you have specified in that xml file.
This will allow you to change most of the colours and icons of any xmlc skin.
Any element specified in your xml file will override the properties of that element as defined in the existing xmlc file.

note that:
-  The Player Controls bar is an exception, most colours and elements there can not be edited in this way.
-  The xml file is an accompanying file. So both the original xmlc file and your newly created xml file need to be present in MusicBee's Skins folder.


- Create a new text file.
- Paste the following code into it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<root dependsOn="OriginalSkin.xmlc">
 <element id="EXAMPLE" bg="100,100,100" fg="0,255,0" bdr="255,0,0" />

Replace where it says 'OriginalSkin' with the name of the skin you are using as the base skin.
Replace the whole third line (the one containing 'EXAMPLE') with the line of the element that you want to have a different colour for, and then change the RGB colour values of that element to your liking.
(Using a colour picker such as Instant Color Picker together with the Sample Skin can be helpful for finding the element you are looking for)

Add other elements that you may want changed right beneath that line. (above </root>)
Save the file with a new and unique skin name of your choosing and save it with the extension .xml

Copy that file to MusicBee's skin folder, and make sure the original skin is also present there.

Then select your newly created skin in MusicBee.
do make sure you select the name of your new skin file and not the original xmlc skin)

That's it.
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Hahaha, this is unbelievable! Literally some hours earlier today I downloaded the Elements skin, really fell in love with it but tried to just adjust some minor color thing but found out it was an xlmc file. Thank you SO much for this tips, talk about posting at a perfect time!