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I have an auto-playlist called "Never Played", with the following settings: [Album Track Count] > 1, [Play Count] = 0, shuffle random, select by album.

I use this to copy albums to my MP3 player.

However, the playlist refreshes itself every so often, so the order gets shuffled around. This isn't terrible, but MusicBee freezes while it's refreshing, so it's a bit annoying. It seems to happen when I reach the end of a 'now playing' track, or when I finish a copy operation. Is there a way to stop it from refreshing? I'm assuming it's because [Play Count] is dynamic and could change when the currently-playing track changes.

I'm using MusicBee 2.5.5804.



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I'm interest in this topic too. I usually have autoplaylists with multiple rules, random X songs, and usually one of those rules is to exclude the songs into a particular NOTautoplaylist.
When I transfer a chunk of music into my smartphone (syncing the autoplaylist), I usually then select all the songs in the autoplaylist, and drag them into the NOTautoplaylist, so the next time I'm sure that I can't listen the same songs again, until I have all my the songs in the NOTautoplaylist. At that point, I empty the NOTautoplaylist, and start anew.

But, sometime when I select the autoplaylist, it refreshes, so it select other random songs, so I can't drag them into the NOTautoplaylist. So I'm interested in the switching on/off the autoplaylist refresh, if it's possible.


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Not possible currently. There's a wishlist item you could add your support to: