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Hello I would like to add a rotating custom box with all our personal photos.

How do i get that right?

Marked with an orange arrow.

The current code is:
<element type="Icon" image="SharedArtwork\Photo\Allen 01.jpg" x="795" y="161"  widthDock="x:Panel.Right"  heightDock="y:Panel.Bottom" height="-138" aspectRatio="fit" interval="7" ></element>
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Currently TM supports rotating background images only:

- a shared picture and rotation sub-folders are now supported.
<settings backgroundImage="Default Landscape.jpg" />
By default, a .jpg picture with the same filename as this settings file will be loaded. But when this element is set, the image will be loaded from the SharedArtwork sub-folder ie. "Plugins\TheaterMode.List\SharedArtwork\Default Landscape.jpg"
<settings rotationFolder="XXXX" />
will load rotation images from "Plugins\TheaterMode.List\SharedArtwork\XXXX\"

Would be useful if gallery element could point to rotation folder.