Author Topic: Main library refreshes when copying files to USB drive  (Read 1858 times)


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When Im in artist view, and have the albums pop up underneath when i click on an artist, when i drag and drop an album unto my plugged in flash drive in the side navigator panel-  when the file completion completes, the main view closes the displayed artists albums, and scrolls somewhere randomly.

Is this behavior normal, or is it possible to leave the main library view and selected artist alone when the file completion is finished

it just makes copying files to a flash drive a big tedious pain because you have to keep searching where you left off, and where it decided to snap the view to.

also, when mouseover an opened artists albums, I see in the corner a left and right arrow to scroll left and right through the various albums.  however it would be extremely conveinient if we used the mousewheel when it was over the selection it scrolled, or even a hotkey to kind of "pageup/pagedown" through the albums without clicking on those small arrows


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although i dont get any issues with scrolling to a random location, i do agree its refreshing the main panel when thats not needed.
That issue is addressed for the next patch version