Author Topic: Can Playlists be saved automatically to folders WITH copied music files??  (Read 2673 times)


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Hi, thanks for the help.

I'm trying to send a simplified .m3u playlist (without drive letters or folder names in the coding) to a folder on my desktop, which also includes all song files related to that playlist.  Then I can just drag n' drop onto an SD card to be used with ANY mp3 player. 

(For example, iTunesExport will do this from an iTunes playlist, but it includes all drive paths which makes the created playlist folder useless except to music programs located on the same PC).

If I save a playlist the normal way, the problem is that it includes my PC's drive letters and paths, and this doesn't work on my MP3 player (a temperamental iBasso DX50).  It requires zero drive paths to function - the playlist and music files have to be located in the SAME folder for it to work.

So for example, using the band "Rush" as an example:

1.  Create a playlist with songs and call it "Rush." 

2. Right-click on playlist "Rush" in MusicBee, and export .m3u playlist to my desktop.

3. MusicBee then creates a folder on my desktop with the name of the playlist, "Rush," then sends the simple .m3u playlist AND copies all song files (mp3) to the folder together.

If this is possible, can I do it in one step with ALL my playlists on MusicBee as a batch process? Then for example, MusicBee will export ALL my current playlists to separate .m3u files, each separated into a separate folder with the playlist name, and including copies of all song files related to that playlist.

If all this is possible, then I can just drag n' drop this folder onto any MP3 player and it will function.

Thanks again!!!!


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

You should be able to do this by configuring your target folder as a virtual device (see preferences> devices) and using the "sync each playlist to its own folder" setting.
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Hi, thank you!  I worked with the settings you described the best that I could, using a "DX50 Music" folder as a virtual device, and a test playlist called "0. NEW Genesis".

What I ended up with is as follows:

a.  Inside "DX50 Music" device (folder), I have two parent folders:  Music and Playlists.  Music is empty.

b.  Inside "Playlists" I have two things:
1.  An m3u file for my playlist, correctly titled "0. NEW Genesis.m3u"
2.  A subfolder called "0. NEW Genesis" containing all the song files associated with the playlists (correctly).

c.  Here's the problem:  when opening the .m3u in Notepad, I have the following string for each song (first is included here as an example):

.\0. NEW Genesis\001-Genesis-10 Match Of The Day.mp3

What I need for the player to work is only the name of the song, nothing more, so:

001-Genesis-10 Match Of The Day.mp3

Also, if the .m3u can be in the SAME folder as the song files, that's what I need.  I can do that manually, of course, but ideally I can set MusicBee to drop the .m3u, containing the name of the songs in the playlists only with no directories, along with all the relevant song files in ONE folder named for the playlist... and then do that for every playlist in a batch command, sending all the separate folders (with song files and .m3u) to the virtual device.

It feels close, thanks for your help to get this right!