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I am new to MB but have definitely fallen in love with it. In the first week of using it I'd already made my first skin. At that point I learn of MB V3 and thought I'd see how my skin converted which it did without too many problems. But as I started to try and figure out the issues I was having I realized that there was really nowhere to go to learn about the objects or elements within MB. There are some great starts, the New Skin Elements thread maintained by Steven and the Skinning Guide posted here by Rotem K. is a great examples. I found other skin.xml files with excellent comments that also helped. But then there was a lot of conflicting information as well.

The more and more I tried to work out how to fix my skin, the more and more frustrated I became. I don't like not understanding something. So as a result I started putting together an MB V3.0 Skin Element Guide. I will provide a VIEW only link below so that everyone can start to benefit as it continues to grow and improve.

Now for the HELP!!! I need help from EXPERIENCED skin developers who would be willing to when they have have time to REVIEW and COMMENT on this document. I know that many of the elements in MB are dependent on SO many other things and I just don't know that. A quick comment so that I can reproduce that and capture that knowledge so it's in ONE place.

Anyone interested please message me. I just need an email address to allow a different access level and then you can comment away. Happy times!

VIEW ONLY Link for MB V3.0 Skin Elements Guide

Thanks everyone!


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This is awesome!  I'm so glad you're doing this.

Have you also gone over this page?  It was complete as of the version listed, but obviously that's quite old now.  I'm going to go ahead and link your sheet in place of the old dummy skin, if that's okay.
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You have "Menu.ParentItem.Highlight" as no visible effect, but it's working fine for me.


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You have "Menu.ParentItem.Highlight" as no visible effect, but it's working fine for me.

Thanks for the input. I was able to go back and correct the problem. Thanks
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