Author Topic: A skinning odyssey - Part 1: Pure Black&White  (Read 4803 times)


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The journey began  with a post from MC_K3NNA about the possibility of "modernizing" the appearance of MusicBee. Pure Black&White is my stab at it.

These skins are like a mobile phone app where the mouse is your fingers:

       Right/left click = Tap
       MouseWheel = swipe up/down(vertical scrolling)
       Shift+MouseWheel = swipe right/left (horizontal scrolling)

The scrollbars are still there only not visible. Also highlighting is done by a change in shade rather than the "traditional" method of swapping text & background colours.

The icons in the "bit-mapped" player and the skin.xml were purloined from diego's Fluenx Dark skin - thanks for sharing your source.

For those with smaller screens the two skins are also provided with the "flat" player.

[Download (all source included)

I've also written a short Word document about skinning if anyone is interested in starting skinning:

Introduction to Skinning
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