Author Topic: Play Count custom tag synchronising with MusicBee Play Count tag  (Read 1301 times)


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Hey guys, im trying to set up a sync of play counts, so at the moment i set this up:

my "Custom Tag 3" say is manually entered as 12000, it automatically changes the musicbee library "Play Count" tag to the same ammount, now i want musicbee to syncronise back, like, when a file is played more than 50% the "Play Count" from musicbee library increases by one and (ONLY IF THE NUMBER IS HIGHER) synchronises to the "Custom Tag 3",

is this possible? or do i have to reverse copy and paste method to "Play Count" (musicbee library tag) to "Custom Tag 3"


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I don't think Advanced Search and Replace supports if-then conditionals.  I could be wrong though.  Why go through all of this trouble?  Just do the reverse (play-count to tag) when you're ready to migrate to another library or music player.