Author Topic: MusicBee now freezes everytime I tag files.  (Read 2144 times)


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Well think a ghost has invaded my house and declared war on all technology!

Two total wrecks of my computer, (my phone quit too), and a couple of other fails has left me without an answer to this question of tag freezes.

First wreck was an Intel update, second an Acronis 2021 Clone Disc disaster.

Anyway some dollars and several days and I am back up. By good luck I managed to salvage MusicBee.

It all loaded up AND every album cover was in place, a miracle, a few thumbs not yet loaded, (Have Dem ol Cosmic Blues skin), but they load if I look at any albums in that section.

Strangely the tagging freeze problem has disappeared. I can shed no light as to why, however if anyone else comes across this I DO NOT endorse this series of events to fix it.

Regardless sticking with MusicBee, cannot think of anything else that could have recovered so perfectly after being nuked twice.

Thanks Kev.