Author Topic: Problem synching music to Marshmallow phone with adoptable storage  (Read 3918 times)


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Apologies in advance if this is an Android problem but I'm tearing my hair out trying to fix this.

In MusicBee 2.5, when synching files to an external Android device, the only option is 'phone_name/internal storage'.  I believe MB gets this location from Windows7 on my computer.  However, the new Marshmallow OS with adoptable storage has a new location called, I believe, 'phone_name/storage/emulated/0'.  I'm not sure Win7 recognises this new location.  This causes conflicts when exporting music.

More info:
Android's latest OS, Marshmallow, offers a feature called 'adoptable storage' where the internal memory and the external/ SD card are combined into one block of memory.  The SD card is converted to a file format (.ext4?) and encrypted.  Android automatically moves apps and data around the 2 storage areas.  However, Windows does not recogise this ext4 file format.  So when I plug in my phone to the computer using MTP, the computer (and Musicbee?) just recognises the 'internal storage' and not the combined memory block.

Using 2 file managers on my android phone, I think this memory block is called 'storage/emulated/0'.

My Galaxy S4 phone has 8Gb internal memory and a 32Gb SD card.

Windows7/MusicBee only seems to recognise the 8Gb internal memory.  The only export option I get with MusicBee at 'media storage/storage path' is 'phone_name/internal storage'.  So when I try to synch 10+Gb of music, I run out of memory because MB is filling up the internal storage first.

I guessing/hoping if I could change the synch location to 'phone_name/storage/emulated/0/folder', MB might send the music files to the SD card or Marshmallow's bigger adoptable storage?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi There, couple of months late but i signed up to find the answer to your question as it was pissing me off that i couldn't manually edit the path in the GUI.

I never thought to look for the settings in the config files of music bee until now, i've managed to find and fix the problem in under 5 mins. Hopefully someone else having the same issues may find this useful too.

here's how:

Make sure music bee is fully closed before you do this.

open file explorer (windows explorer)
type in the address bar %appdata%
press enter
open MusicBee folder
open MusicBeeSettings.ini in notepad
press ctrl+f
type in your phones name exactly as it appears in musicbee (pay attention to capitals)
scroll down and find the setting <RootStoragePath>[Phone Name]\Phone\</RootStoragePath>

you need to change the path to the location of where you want your music to be stored on the phone, this should be as it appears in windows. Mine is a samsung s7 edge so in music bee i have:

Phone Name
-other default locations...
--In here i have made a folder called music (using windows explorer)

So the root storage path needs to emulate how the SD card is presented in windows explorer

<RootStoragePath>[Phone Name]\Card\</RootStoragePath>

Save the file > open music bee and check device settings to see the new location in the storage path property field. I suggest not clicking on it though in case it tries to auto detect the default path again.


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Thank you for this post.  I've had a similar sync problem open for weeks (under "Portable Devices") with no response.

After reading your post, I was able to fix my problem very quickly.  Even though MusicBee detects the external storage card in my Samsung Galaxy S5 as a folder with a blank name, editing the root storage path fixed my problem.

Thanks again - and I will point as many people toward this post as possible.


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Happy it helped!

Yeah link to this in your post, i'm pretty sure a lot of people will be having this issue.


just made a wiki page.
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