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Hey. I'm looking for a way to find new albums by artists in my library. Maybe a notification if someone in my library releases a new album. I can't keep track of the things that artists that I love are releasing and the blogs don't cover the more obscure artists. I'm not sure if there's any software that can search my library and do this for me. Any suggestions?


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Are you using MusicBee 3.0 yet?  If not, I suggest you download it from the Latest Update forum.  In 3.0, there is a new node called Music Explorer which will show you information on any artist (use the search box to get a different result than the currently playing artist), including a discography where you should be able to see new releases.  That panel uses a combination of info from and Xbox Music.

There is also a section called Services, which offers an Upcoming Releases calendar (from that you can restrict to artists in your library, and a Recommendations page which also uses and Xbox Music.
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A more effective method is using this software "Headphones":

It needs python (so you'll have to install it before starting using it) then you can add your music folder and the program will scan it and scrape albums list from musicbrainz. So any missing album will be added to the wanted list (you have to set it in settings otherwise only the newest one will be put in that filter). Moreover you can set it up to download the new albums.

Finally Musicbrainz limite the number of connection to their server so for a painless solution I advice you to pay the 10$ a year for the mirror provided by the developer.

I use it pretty to be updated when new releases are available as my music library is pretty huge (+50k) and I couldn't keep up until I found this gem.