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Great work Steven! Love it.

Bug below SOLVED thanks to the never ending limitless and superquick efforts of Steven ;-) Man oh man... You're the best!


BUG ALERT (SOLVED):  I just discovered the following: half of my screen width is now filled with tabs but even if I open up a dozen or so extra, they won't take up more space: the last tabs (even if it's a dozen or more) take up only about 20 pixels space all centered in the tab bar. In other words: they overlap all in the space of about one folder icon.

[Just reported this as a bug in the bug forum with a more thorough explanation:]

I started this reply with a complaint about the small tab sizes (when opened about 7 or more text tabs) but that problem seems to be (mainly) due to this bug...
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Thanks for the "Disable Close Button" setting.


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i am going to change "Disable Close Button" to use the full set of "Navigation Lock" options ie. you will no longer need to pin a tab to restrict the navigation.
If Full Lock or Partial Navigation is chosen the close button wont show


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For me, when I have the partial navigation lock selected for the Playlist Manager tab, it still auto-opens a new tab if I select any playlist.